30 Years Book will be published in English language, in print and in E-version, also marking OSF’s three decades in the Balkans. The members of the Editorial Board of the 30 Years Book are:

  • Sonja Licht
  • Veran Matić
  • Vladimir Milčin
  • Aldo Milohnić
  • Piro Misha
  • Aryeh Neier
  • Slavica Singer
  • Veton Surroi
  • Daliborka Uljarević

  • Boro Kontić, Editor-in-Chief
  • Beka Vučo, Co-Editor

30 Years Book - Part 1

The book will have two parts. The Part One of the book includes essays by prominent public intellectuals, academics, journalists, activists, literary figures and artists throughout the region in addition to George and Alex Soros and Aryeh Neier, OSF President Emeritus.

The essay authors are:

  • Balša Brković
  • Boris Buden
  • Rumena Bužarovska
  • Ferida Duraković
  • Aleksandar Hemon
  • Viktor Ivančić
  • Miljenko Jergović
  • Lev Kreft
  • Remzi Lani
  • Sonja Licht
  • Goran Marković
  • Vladimir Milčin
  • Rastko Močnik
  • Jeton Neziraj
  • Dušan Petričić
  • Misha Glenny
  • Vesna Pusić
  • Dubravka Stojanović
  • Veton Surroi
  • Dubravka Ugrešić

30 Years Book - Part 2

The Part Two of the book will focus on the legacy of OSF’s work in the region, representing the historical and documentary material. A Western Balkans Historical Timeline will provide an overview of the history and politics of the region, as opposed to the work of the foundations. There will be a list of all the Board and staff members by country/foundation who worked on implementing programs during the three decades as well as an In memoriam section. The Part Two will also include information about OSF funding in the region; a profile of national foundations’ spin-off programs; and a contribution from over eighteen OSF Thematic Programs that worked in the region. A section dedicated to other funders in the Balkans (private, governmental, bilateral, multilateral, community, etc.) will list all the donors the national foundations and OSF work with, either individually or at the regional level.