General Information

The 30 Years is an initiative that will provide perspective on three decades (1991–2021) of the presence and work of the Open Society Foundations (OSF) in the Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia). It will examine how the unique philanthropic efforts of George Soros, his open society ideas and philosophy persevered during the stormy recent history of the region and how the work is still a moving force, alive and active. The initiative will also look toward the future—the many challenges and opportunities facing the region as each country finds its place within today’s Europe.

It is also an undertaking that has proven that the idea planted in the Western Balkans three decades ago is still an important vehicle in fighting for freedom of expression, social openness, societies that promote justice and equality.

Production Team

30 Years Initiative Production Team is carrying out and coordinating the project in all its aspects, substance, management and logistics. The work on The 30 Years Initiative is a true regional collaboration between all the national foundations in the Western Balkans and local hosts in Croatia – Human Rights House Zagreb and Montenegro – Center for Civic Education, and Slovenia – The Peace Institute with many parts of the OSF network.

The team consists of: Andi Dobrushi and Klodjan Seferaj (Albania), Dobrila Govedarica (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Tin Gazivoda, Vesna Teršelič and Ivan Novosel (Croatia), Luan Shllaku and Lura Limani (Kosovo), Daliborka Uljarević and Vesna Lakuš (Montenegro), Fani Karanfilova-Panovska and Slavica Indževska (North Macedonia), Miodrag Milosavljević and Radmila Maslovarić (Serbia), Brankica Petković and Iztok Šori (Slovenia). The two researchers for the part two of the 30 Years Book are Aida Čengić and Iliriana Kaçaniku.

The overall visual design is done by Dragana Lacmanović. Program Analyst of the 30 Years initiative is Zorana Gajić and the Executive Producer is Beka Vučo.